Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Evils truth VS the truth for a child

The little one cries out but no one listens. The atrocity grows stronger, filled with it’s confidence goes out and infects another, and still no one listens, another little one cries out. The menace's sickness is spreading faster than you think, cause two more Evils are doing the same thing. Perverts wear badges, sit on benches waiving a mallet, and some cure the common cold. The Holy Cross bearing ones is the ones that hide behind clothes of purity and call it the gospel, humans call it wipe rags. Yes! Even some sick mishaps of nature exist, that carry a hammer, or even teach. Every day blending into society pedophiles are planning there next move. Little Johnny has baseball after school, mom and dad are working, and whom can they trust. Hard decision isn’t it?

The Evils of this world just have to be stopped, they are not of the human race. When a degenerate creature, like a pedophile, slithers into the room of a child without the parents hearing a sound, remove a little one from their beds and not create a disturbance, “like was mention above”, the Evils plan there next move. The way the, Legal System has it, there is nothing you can do to one of those creeps, until they make their moves “go through with their plans”. So hear we sit Human Adult Race, not able to create a 100% safe place for our little ones from pedophiliac assaults, in our own homes, so imagine out of our home. Now “That’s” a scary thought isn’t?

Now lately some Evils have been brought up on charges, brought to justice, processed, some let go and some incarcerated. The ones that were let go are free to plan again, and the ones that were incarcerate, and eventually freed to plan again. Lets try placing the odds that these degenerates that are freed at 99.9% chance that they will not re-offend another little one. How many out there ready to risk that 0.1% odd on the soul of their little ones. If any, Well that’s outrageous isn’t it?

Some of these Evils plans go as far as smuggling our little ones bodies for their use in multimillion-dollar underground businesses. The most vulnerable part of societies is being used as sex toys for these pigs. Is it human when a Forty Year male pedophile tries to stick a nine year old boy? You would think, commonsense says no. But yet little Johnny comes out of the dug out confused, scared, and not knowing where to go, feeling embarrassed, and threatened promises not to tell anyone for fear of his life. Mom and Dad must have made the wrong decision. Isn’t that devastating?

Solutions to rid us of these Evils are few. We either put a gun to their heads and suffer the legal consequences that follow or live with it and let the creatures keep planning. But for a simple solution there is "LIFE TIME SEGREGATION", which offers 100% chance of no re-offences. Only then would a society be absolutely sure that our children are 100% secure from Pedophilia's. Hey you pig can’t you here that little one cry? Stop doing that it’s hurting the little one can’t you hear? Johnny meets his parents when they pick him up. He is quiet and reserved and can’t wait to get home to the security of his room but wait Johnny it’s not safe there either remember. Isn’t that a shame?

Laurent Lefebvre
Cochrane Ontario


The way the, Legal System has it, there is nothing you can do to one of those creeps, until they make their moves “go through with their plans”.

Rules regulating sex offenders on Halloween lessened
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Check for Sex Offenders before Halloween
Sex Offender in Disguise
Area Police Protect Trick-Or-Treaters Against Sex Offenders
Sex Offender Target?
Updated: 9 minutes ago
Rules designed to keep kids safe Halloween night are changing and most parents aren't happy about it. There are several restrictions sex offenders must obey and now one of them has been removed from the list.

News 3's Hetty Chang explains the changes.

As we get closer to Halloween, we'll start to see more homes decorated. In past years, it's exactly what sex offenders couldn't do to their homes. But this year that's not the case.

Up until this Halloween parents could be rest assured that homes of sex offenders would be easy to spot; residents weren't allowed to hang decorations.

Hetty Chang: What are your thoughts now that sex offenders can decorate their homes.

Jenny Care (parent): They can? I wasn't aware of that.

Parents like Care don't agree with the change. She says there's a good reason the rule was made in the first place. "I think they should not be allowed to put those up, because children are very much unaware, they might be lured into the home."

But backers of the change say putting restrictions on home decoration is infringing on their rights. "When you talk about a sex offender there is an assumption that everyone who is a sex offender is a pedophile. That's not true," Allen Lichtenstein with the ACLU said.

The ACLU spearheaded the change and received approval from the attorney general. But the group is still unhappy with the rules that remain in place. "When the rules become a bit bizarre... like when you can't answer the door, you don't know who it is - it may be your probation officer - then we think there's a way in terms of making these make sense," Lichtenstein said.

Also still in place: sex offenders cannot go to Halloween parties where children are present, even if it's his or her own children at his or her own home. It's a rule Jenny Care wants to see stay put. "I know that many children are sexually molested by people they know in a home where a child is invited to spend the night," Care said.

These rules only apply to sex offenders who are currently under the supervision of the state.



Aliases: Edward E. Harper, Ed E. Harper, Ed Harper, Eddie Eugene Trimue, Eddie Harper, Eddie Eugene Harper, Edward Eugene Trimue, Ed Harmon, Edward Trimue

Date of Birth Used: March 1, 1946 Hair: Gray/Brown
Place of Birth: New Mexico Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'10" Sex: Male
Weight: 165 pounds Race: White
NCIC: W134456931 Nationality: American
Occupations: Semi-Truck Driver, Mechanic, Forklift Driver, Ranch Handler
Scars and Marks: None known
Remarks: Harper considers himself to be a member of the Freemen Sovereign Citizen Group. He has family ties in Arkansas. Harper is believed to have been doing ranching work in Montana and Wyoming.

Edward Eugene Harper is wanted for allegedly having sexual relations with a child under the age of fourteen in Hernando, Mississippi. On April 27, 1994, a state arrest warrant was issued by the Circuit Court of DeSoto County, Mississippi, after Harper was charged with conspiracy to commit sexual battery, child fondling and sexual battery. Harper was arrested and released on bond. On October 31, 1994, Harper's bond was revoked after he failed to appear for a court hearing. Harper was charged federally with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and a federal warrant was issued for his arrest on February 5, 1999, by the United States District Court, Northern District of Mississippi.



TELEPHONE: (202) 324-3000

Some of them are freed to plan again

Interpol: Pedophile in photo ID'd as teacher
Digitally recreated images led to breakthrough; suspect on the run
This photo, provided by Thai immigration authorities and Interpol on Monday, shows the pedophile suspect arriving at Bangkok International Airport last Thursday.
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Interpol: Pedophile in photo ID'd as teacher
The path from victims to victors
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Updated: 12:24 p.m. ET Oct 15, 2007
PARIS - A pedophile sought in a worldwide Interpol manhunt has been identified and is believed to be in Thailand, the international police organization said Monday.

The suspect, his face digitally disguised, was allegedly shown sexually abusing young boys in Vietnam and Cambodia in images posted on the Internet.

Police recreated an image of his face from the photos and, thanks to tips supplied by 350 people who responded to Interpol’s appeal for help, identified him as an English teacher who worked at a school in South Korea.

The man's name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, and current and previous places of work have also been established but not released to the media, Interpol said.

Interpol said security cameras captured the man arriving Thursday at Bangkok International Airport from Seoul, South Korea.

Interpol again appealed for public help to track him down now.

“Thailand is at the center of an international manhunt, and authorities in the country, in co-operation with Interpol and police around the world, are hunting him down,” Interpol’s secretary general, Ronald Noble, said in a statement.

'Clear message' via technology
Anders Persson, a Swedish police officer who oversees Interpol’s database of images of child abuse, said last week that releasing the photos sent “a quite clear message” to criminals that they can be identified through Web postings.

He declined to detail how specialists unblurred the photos.

“Techniques are always developing. What is impossible today is possible tomorrow,” he said. “There were several attempts to clear the face ... We are sure that you can’t get better pictures and the people in his neighborhood — family friends, colleagues, whatever — they will recognize him.”

These images made available by Interpol show a suspected pedophile after and before the digital manipulation of the original photo found online.

Interpol said 12 different young boys appeared in about 200 original photographs. One picture showed the name of a hotel in Vietnam, but police checks of the guest register turned up no clues, Persson said in a telephone interview. Cambodian police recognized locations in other photos.

Interpol, which is headquartered in Lyon in southeast France, posted four reconstructed photos of the man on its Web site, along with an original image where his face was blurred.

Photos from before December 2004
Persson said he personally had opposed making the photos public because it demonstrated to criminals that police can now unblur pictures. But that consideration and the risk that the man could face public humiliation or even violence now that he is recognizable were outweighed by the desire to protect other children from abuse.

“It was a long discussion,” Persson said. “We can’t just sit here and do nothing. We have exhausted all possibilities within police work to find this man ... This was the last step.”

The photos by German specialists showed a white man who looked in his thirties, with uncombed short brown hair. One photo showed him wearing glasses; in another he was smiling.

The photos must date from before December 2004, when they were found on the Internet, and some were digitally stamped as having been taken in 2002 and 2003, said Persson.

“For years, images of this man sexually abusing children have been circulating on the Internet. We have tried all other means to identify and to bring him to justice, but we are now convinced that without the public’s help this sexual predator could continue to rape and sexually abuse young children whose ages appear to range from six to early teens,” Interpol’s secretary general, Ronald K. Noble, said in a statement.

“We have very good reason to believe that he travels the world in order to sexually abuse and exploit vulnerable children,” Noble added.

Boys have not been located
The 12 boys have not been located, he added. Interpol had already circulated photos of the man to police around the world but failed to identify him.

The man has distinguishing marks on his body that would be enable police to be sure that he is the man in the photographs if he is eventually identified, Persson said. He did not say what these marks were but said they would be “the final proof if he is the right guy or not.”

Interpol asked people who recognize the man or who have other information to contact police or the Interpol bureau in their country. It urged them not to take any direct action themselves.

©Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Suspected pedophile digitally unmasked


Hunt continues for alleged Canadian pedophile
17/10/2007 4:22:57 PM


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The manhunt for a suspected Canadian pedophile, believed to be in Thailand, intensified Wednesday as new allegations emerged from a teenager who claims he and his friends were paid for sexual acts.

Keo Vannthan, director of Cambodia's Interpol bureau, shows a passport document of Christopher Paul Neil, at the police headquarters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2007.(AP / Heng Sinith)

Officials are looking for a British Columbia man, 32-year-old Christopher Paul Neil, who recently worked as an ESL teacher in Korea.

CTV's Steve Chao, reporting from Bangkok, Thailand, said Wednesday that a Thai teenager has alleged to police that he and his friends were "molested and then paid for various sexual acts" in 2003.

The teenager, who claims he was paid to perform oral sex, was 14 at the time.

Neil worked at the Ramkhamlaeng Advent International School -- a Christian school in the outskirts of Bangkok -- between August 2003 to January 2004, reports The Associated Press.

An assistant chairman at the school told AP that Neil didn't pass probation and was given verbal and written warnings about his performance.

Rajdeep Takeuchi, who served as principal of the school during Neil's tenure, said the issues involved sloppy lesson plans and cases when he left students unsupervised. Takeuchi said no complaints of abuse were reported.

Last week, Interpol released images of the alleged child molester, which were taken from Internet pictures that had masked the suspect behind a digitally created swirl.

Police have about 200 photos of a man with a dozen boys. The images were posted on the Internet in 2004, but were likely taken in 2002 and 2003.

Interpol investigators were able to use new technology to allegedly restore the images to their original state, which they then released to the international media.

Interpol believes the photos were taken in Cambodia and Vietnam.

On Monday, after receiving hundreds of tips, Interpol announced it had identified the suspect but did not release his name. However, Thai and Cambodian police revealed the man's name, age and nationality on Tuesday.

Chao said investigators just missed capturing Neil when he entered Thailand last Thursday.

"From the reports, we understand that he came in around 3 p.m. from Seoul, South Korea where he was teaching English," said Chao. "At 8 p.m., five hours later, the Interpol blacklist came out saying that authorities should pick him up if they see him."

Chao said all of the border authorities in Southeast Asia have been alerted "so if he does try to leave Thailand at any of these border crossings, he will be caught."

Website postings

Fellow ESL teachers and expatriates in South Korea said Neil worked there as a teacher at Kwangju Foreign School.

Investigators believe Neil made frequent postings to a popular online forum called Dave's ESL Café under the pseudonym "Peter Jackson."

In one posting last May, Neil tells of a recent incident where he tossed "Penthouse" magazines at an airport fearing they'd be found by Korean customs agents.

He also explains how to erase images from computer hard drives.

"In terms of computers, if you're worried about any 'content' there are several ways to encrypt your drive. A friend has highly recommended Truecrypt, which you can download,'' he wrote.

"If you want to get rid of old files so no one will see, then simply deleting them will not work. You'll have to get a program like Jetico's BC Wipe and 'delete with wiping.'''

More than 300 postings under the name Peter Jackson were erased shortly before his disappearance, AP reported.

Work experience

On Tuesday, the Kwangju Foreign School's website listed Neil as a Grade 7-8 history teacher, with a degree from The Seminary of Christ the King in Mission, B.C. His name has since been removed from the website.

Archdiocese of Vancouver spokesperson Paul Schratz confirmed Tuesday that Neil studied at the seminar.

"He apparently left at some point when he was not invited to continue his studies for the priesthood," Schratz told CTV British Columbia.

The school's rector is quoted as saying Neil did not have the qualifications to be recommended for the priesthood.

Neil then shifted his focus to teaching and began volunteering at St. Patrick's Catholic parish six years ago.

"He at some point did some volunteer catechism instruction in the parish -- so he would be working with students, preparing them for the preparation of the sacraments, their religious education, that sort of thing," Schratz added.

B.C.'s College of Teachers says that Neil never worked in the public school system. But the Archdiocese learned that Neil taught briefly at the Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School in Port Coquitlam last spring.

A military spokeswoman also told The Associated Press that Neil worked as a chaplain from 1998 to 2000 at an air cadet summer training centre in Nova Scotia and that his duties included spiritually advising children ages 12 to 18. No complaints were brought to commanding officers about Neil at the time.

Also Tuesday, Neil's family urged him to turn himself into police.

"I would like to say: Chris -- turn yourself in, get back into Canada. This is where you should be to answer these allegations," Neil's younger brother Matthew told reporters in Maple Ridge, B.C. on Tuesday.

Matthew Neil says the family has had no contact with Christopher Neil since he left for South Korea in August.

"Since learning of the allegations, we are absolutely devastated. The range of emotions is from anger, shock, devastation," he said.

He says the family first found out about the allegations last Thursday when RCMP officers contacted them to identify photos.

Interpol issues wanted notice for alleged pedophile
18/10/2007 5:46:20 PM


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Interpol has published an international wanted notice for a suspected Canadian pedophile, believed to be hiding out in Thailand.

Christopher Paul Neil's Canadian passport is seen in this image released by Interpol.
The notice comes just hours after an arrest warrant for the same man was issued by Thai police.

Interpol released a scan of Christopher Paul Neil's passport in the notice as well as his immigration card from when he arrived in Thailand on Oct. 11.

Neil, a 32-year-old native of British Columbia, has been the subject of an international manhunt since photos of him were released to the public last week.

German police, investigating the case for about three years, allege they discovered about 200 photos of a man sexually abusing children -- but his face had been digitally disguised.

The break came when investigators were able to allegedly restore the images to their original state, which they then released to the media through Interpol.

The images were allegedly posted on the Internet in 2004, but were likely taken in 2002 and 2003 in Cambodia and Vietnam.

On Monday, after receiving hundreds of tips, Interpol announced it had identified the suspect but did not release his name -- until today. However, Thai and Cambodian police revealed the man's name, age and nationality on Tuesday.

Thai police Maj. Gen. Wimon Pao-in said Thursday authorities were tracking Neil through a network of his friends in Thailand.

"That's one of the reasons why he is so hard to catch. He could be hiding in anyone's apartment or any obscure place,'' Wimol told a news conference.

Neil recently worked as an ESL teacher in Korea and slipped into Thailand last Thursday after allegations became public.

In the 'Address in Thailand' section on the arrival card, Neil wrote "TOURING ROSE INN."

There is a Rose Inn located in Phuket Province, described in an online review as "a fairly quiet spot" at the back of a travel agency.

The Interpol red notice seeks the arrest or provisional arrest of a wanted person with a view to extradition.


Wimon confirmed that an arrest warrant had been issued Thursday for Neil, following new allegations from a group of young boys.

Three Thai youths came forward Wednesday alleging they were paid to perform oral sex in 2003, Wimon told The Associated Press. At the time, the boys were 9, 13 and 14.

Two of the boys also claim they were shown pornographic images at the suspect's apartment.

The suspect is alleged to have had sex that year with at least one other boy, said Wimon. The boys were allegedly paid between US$16 to $32 for sexual relations.

Neil worked at the Ramkhamlaeng Advent International School -- a Christian school in the outskirts of Bangkok -- between August 2003 to January 2004, reports AP.

An assistant chairman at the school told AP that Neil didn't pass probation and was given verbal and written warnings about his performance.

CTV's Steve Chao, accompanying Thailand's sex-crimes unit Thursday, said the manhunt is in full swing, now that police have secured an arrest warrant.

"We understand that there are three charges levied against him at this point," Chao reported from Bangkok.

"We're told by police that the charges of sexual abuse and abduction come with about a 20-year jail sentence."

Canadian authorities have said they would like to seek extradition if Neil is captured.

"Extradition is a distinct possibility," said Chao.

"Right now though... there's a high possibility as well that Thailand may choose to prosecute him."

With files from The Associated Press

Pedophilia suspect arrested in Thailand
Canadian was targeted in global manhunt; digital images unscrambled
This photo, provided by Thai immigration authorities and Interpol on Monday, shows Christoper Paul Neil arriving at Bangkok International Airport earlier this month.
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Pedophilia suspect arrested in Thailand

Updated: 2:00 a.m. ET Oct 19, 2007
BANGKOK, Thailand - A Canadian schoolteacher suspected of pedophilia was arrested Friday in northeastern Thailand after an international manhunt that included the release of his unscrambled Internet photos to the public.

The suspect, 32-year-old Christopher Paul Neil, had been hiding in the town of a Thai friend who used to arrange some of his sexual liaisons with boys, police said.

"Bingo! We've got him," police Maj. Gen. Wimol Powintara told The Associated Press.

Neil was being driven to Bangkok, about 130 miles away, Wimol said. Wimol declined to give details of the arrest, saying a news conference would be held in Bangkok later in the day.

Shortly before the arrest, Wimol told the AP that police rushed to the northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima on Thursday night after receiving credible information that Neil had fled there.

Residents said they had spotted the Canadian near the home of a Thai man who police say had helped Neil to meet young boys in the past, Wimol said.

Neil lived in Thailand from 2002 to early 2004, police said.

Thai boys claim abuse
Thai authorities issued an arrest warrant Thursday for Neil after determining that he may have sexually abused boys in Thailand, in addition to the dozen Cambodian and Vietnamese boys, some as young as 6, whom Interpol suspects he abused.

These images made available by Interpol show a suspected pedophile after and before the digital manipulation of the original photo found online.

At Thailand's request, Interpol also issued an international wanted persons notice for Neil. The so-called "Red Notice" from the France-based international police agency was to be circulated worldwide requesting the subject's arrest so he can be extradited.

The Thai arrest warrant was based on the testimony of one boy, who said he was lured to Neil's apartment in Bangkok by a Thai man, Wimol said Thursday.

The boy was one of three Thai youths, aged 9, 13 and 14 at the time, who contacted police Wednesday after seeing Neil's photograph on television. They claimed he had paid them to perform oral sex on him in 2003, Wimol said earlier, adding that the Canadian allegedly also had sex with at least one other underaged male.

The boys said the suspect showed them pornographic images on his computer at his apartment in Bangkok, and paid them each $16 to $32, Wimol said.

Neil has taught at various schools in Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam since at least 2000.

Suspect fled South Korean teaching job
He suddenly left his most recent teaching job in South Korea last week on a one-way ticket for Thailand as investigators closed in on his identity. Cameras captured his image as he arrived at Bangkok's international airport.

The hunt for Neil began three years ago when German police discovered about 200 online photographs of a man sexually abusing children. His face was digitally obscured, but German police were able to reconstruct a recognizable image and Interpol circulated those images last week.

The suspect was identified with the help of hundreds of tips from people who responded to an appeal by Interpol for public assistance.

Before teaching in Asia, Neil had worked as a chaplain in Canada, counseling teens.

Canadian authorities have said they would seek his extradition. Canada has sex tourism laws allowing prosecution for crimes committed abroad.

Can you help



Aliases: Jon Schillaci, Jon S. Schillaci, Jon Willis, Christopher Keegan, Cody Keegan

Date of Birth: December 14, 1971 Hair: Brown
Place of Birth: Oklahoma Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11" Complexion: Light
Weight: 180 pounds Sex: Male
Build: Medium Race: White
Occupations: Salesman at a music store; Computer Specialist Nationality: American
Scars and Marks: None known
Remarks: Schillaci has ties to New Hampshire; Texas; and Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. He is well educated and is believed to have completed two Masters Degrees in Humanities and Literature. Schillaci is known to speak Spanish, French, and German.




The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Jon Savarino Schillaci.

September 2007

They are not of the human race

Suspect arrested in sex assault on 3-year-old
Fugitive accused of raping girl on videotape taken into custody in Nevada
NBC News video

Child sex-assault suspect arrested
Oct. 16: Police arrested suspected child molester Chester Arthur Stiles during a routine traffic stop. NBC's Chris Jansing reports.
Today show

NBC Field Notes
NBC News correspondents and producers across the U.S. shed light on the news of the day.

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Woman who dated Chester Stiles speaks out
How did the videotape victim's family not know about the abuse?
Sex-video victim's mom: I was at work
Weatherford Man Arrested, Suspected Of Child Abuse

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Suspect arrested in sex assault on 3-year-old
a good thing
Most viewed on

Updated: 5:12 a.m. ET Oct 16, 2007
LAS VEGAS - A fugitive accused of raping a 3-year-old girl on videotape was arrested quietly during a traffic stop, telling the officer, "I'm tired of running," police said.

Chester "Chet" Arthur Stiles, 37, was pulled over late Monday in Henderson for not having a license plate. He admitted his identity after police said his license looked suspicious.

"He said, 'I'm Chester Stiles, the guy you're looking for,'" Henderson police Officer Mike Dye said. "He said, 'I'm tired of running.'"
Las Vegas police Capt. Vincent Cannito said Stiles has been wanted since Oct. 5 on warrants issued for 21 felony charges in connection with the acts seen on the videotape. The charges include lewdness with a minor, sexual assault and attempted sexual assault.

Hunt for abused girl
The videotape, found in the rural Nevada town of Pahrump last month, had prompted an equally intense search for the young girl who appeared in it. Police with little to go on had encouraged news organizations to broadcast the haunting image of the 3-year-old. When the now-7-year-old was found on Sept. 28, authorities shifted their resources to finding Stiles.

Dye said he stopped Stiles at about 7 p.m. on a busy thoroughfare just outside Las Vegas driving a white sedan with no license plates.

Stiles, who had been portrayed by authorities as a dangerous, knife-wielding survivalist, provided an expired California driver's license with a photo that Dye said looked "suspicious."

"The picture on the license didn't quite match the gentleman in the vehicle," Dye said.

After further questioning, the officer said Stiles revealed his true name. Dye said Stiles cooperated and did not resist arrest. Dye called for backup and another officer arrived to handcuff Stiles.

Stiles was booked at the Clark County jail. He had not yet hired a lawyer or been assigned a court date, police said.

Previous warrants
Stiles was already wanted on state and federal warrants in a case alleging he groped a 6-year-old girl in 2003. Police had received hundreds of tips on Stiles, who they believed might be dangerous and possibly armed based on earlier arrests.

Stiles' previous arrests included charges of assault, battery, resisting a police officer, auto theft, leaving the scene of an accident and contempt of court, authorities said.

He was convicted in 1999 in Las Vegas of carrying a concealed weapon, and in 2001 of conspiracy to commit grand larceny. Police were also looking into an allegation that he had sexually assaulted a young girl in 2001.

Nye County District Attorney Bob Beckett had said he was told Stiles was a "survivalist type" who always carried knife and had a Navy SEAL background.

The man who turned in the videotape, Darrin Tuck, 26, was arrested on a probation violation charge, and was likely to face pornography charges, Beckett said.

Even some sick mishaps of nature exist, that carry a hammer
KVBC-TV—Las Vegas, NV

Woman who dated Chester Stiles speaks out
More local links from KVBC
KVBC Home Page
Opinion Page - Your Voice

Related Stories | What's this?
3 more counts added against Chester Stiles
Did former girlfriend help Stiles hide from police?

Police are looking for a huge break that could lead to 37-year-old Chester Arthur Stiles. He's the man police say is on videotape sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl. Now, Tina Allen, a Las Vegas women who dated Stiles for 10 years, is speaking out.

News 3's Jesse Corona says although Tina claims she didn't witness any signs of abuse, there was an allegation years ago that Stiles had sexually abused another girl in a separate incident.

"He seemed like a normal everyday guy. Somebody you could hope to meet," Tina Allen said.
That "normal" guy Tina Allen is talking about, is local public enemy number one, suspected child predator Chester Stiles. "He did ask me to marry him twice and both times I refused."

Allen dated Stiles in what she calls an "off-again, on again" relationship for the last 10 years. She says Stiles claimed he was a former Navy Seal who was proud of his ability to elude police.

"He can calculate, probably down to the minute, how long it takes police to get to a certain part of town. If they are busy with something somewhere else and how much time he has to run... and he can run," Allen warns.

On Saturday, Tina's son Todd talked to News 3, saying he recognized his old apartment in the pictures of that abuse tape. At one time, Todd Allen was living with that little girl's mother. He says his mother Tina would bring Stiles over and that's how Stiles became acquainted with the child.

"I can't believe I was that stupid then," Tina says. Tina says there was a prior accusation in 2003, with a friend of hers, that Stiles molested another girl. She says she didn't believe it then, and can't believe she was so blind now. "I'm disgusted, I'm ashamed, I'm embarrassed, I'm mortified."

Metro announced Monday they'll be taking over the reins in the search for Chester Stiles. They say they have hundreds of leads they are in the process of following up on.

Tina says she wishes she can could only go back in time and turn Stiles in before he abused that little girl. "Had I known I'd have never... I would have turned him in then and there. I would have sent him to jail for as long as it took. I would have made sure he was away from anybody else... forever," Tina insists.

Tina says Stiles punched her in the face in 2004, cracking her jaw. She says she didn't file a police report because she was scared of him. Stiles is wanted on state and federal warrants stemming from lewd behavior with a child under 14.

Put a gun to their heads and suffer the legal consequences
Lawyer: Mom Would Kill Stiles If Allowed
Mom Upset Stiles Came Quietly Into Custody

POSTED: 1:41 pm PDT October 16, 2007
UPDATED: 4:24 pm PDT October 16, 2007

LAS VEGAS -- The mother of a little girl sexually assaulted as a 3-year-old in an explicit homemade videotape is so angry with Chester Stiles that she would kill him if she could. That's according to the woman's lawyer, Jerry Donohue. He said the mother's not granting direct interviews.

Donohue said the woman's relieved Stiles is in custody, but disappointed that he didn't keep his promise not to be taken alive. He added that if Stiles got the death penalty "she's the one who would be willing to pull the trigger."

He said he did not know if the family was going to file a civil suit against Stiles at this time, but the legal process the family is in is long and drawn out.

Stiles is currently in isolation at the Clark County Detention Center. He was arrested Monday night by Henderson police during a routine traffic stop. He is currently booked with 21 different charges, ranging from sexual assault to lewdness with a minor.

Officers from Nye County, where the sexual assault case originated, have also expressed a relief at the capture of Stiles.

"We are happy that Chester Stiles has been apprehended," Sheriff Tony DeMeo said. "Congratulations to the Henderson Police Department on making the arrest. We are proceeding with the investigation on our end."

Donohue said the girl is now a 7-year-old second-grader with no memory of any molestation. But he said she knows that with all the medical tests and police interviews she's undergone, there is something's going on around her, but she is not suffering any after effects at this point.

Stiles is expected in court Wednesday morning for an arrest warrant hearing.

The most vulnerable part of societies is being used as sex toys for these pigs.
Stiles Being Held On 21 Counts
Sexual Assault, Lewdness With A Minor Among Charges

POSTED: 10:46 pm PDT October 15, 2007
UPDATED: 11:14 pm PDT October 15, 2007

LAS VEGAS -- During a news conference Monday night, Metro police say they are holding Chester "Chet" Arthur Stiles on 21 different charges.

Stiles was arrested Monday at 7 p.m. by Henderson police. Shortly after his arrest, Henderson authorities turned Stiles over to Metro.

Metro confirmed they had received hundreds of tips about Stiles, a lot of which still placed him in the area.

Stiles is being held in isolation at the Clark County Detention Center. Police said he is being booked with eight counts of lewdness with a minor, 12 counts of sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault.

Officers said he was unarmed at the time of his arrest but they would not confirm if there were weapons found in the vehicle. During his arrest, officers said Stiles told them "if you have sex with a toddler on tape, you have to run."

There is no word at this time when Stiles will appear in court. Stay with FOX5 News or refresh for continual updates to this story.




Photographs taken between 1995 and 1998

Aliases: Jessie Elby Hars, Elby Hars, Jessie E. Hars, Elby J. Hars

Date of Birth Used: June 24, 1943 Hair: Gray (Balding)
Place of Birth: Bradford County, Florida Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'8" Sex: Male
Weight: 245 pounds Race: White
NCIC: W021424981 Nationality: American
Occupation: Licensed Commercial Truck Driver (Hazmat Certified)
Scars and Marks: Hars has scars on both of his arms.
Remarks: Hars may have a shaved head. Hars may have fled to Texas or Mexico.

Elby Jessie Hars, a convicted child sex offender, is currently wanted for his alleged involvement in sexual activity with a minor girl. The crime occurred in Richland County, South Carolina, in 2000.

A state arrest warrant was issued in April of 2000 by a Richland County General Sessions Magistrate after Hars was charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor (second degree). In March of 2001, Hars was charged federally with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution by the United States District Court, District of South Carolina, and a federal warrant was issued for his arrest.


Photographs taken between 1995 and 1998


TELEPHONE: (202) 324-3000

Some of them use our little ones bodies in
multi-million dollar under ground businesses

Man gets US prison sentence for promoting sex tourism in Philippines

Updated: 2:26 p.m. ET Oct 22, 2007
NEWARK, New Jersey - An American man was sentenced to five years and five months in a U.S. prison on Monday for arranging sex with underage girls in the Philippines.

Daniel Cuneo, who was caught in a 2005 sting, was also fined $3,000 (euro2,118) under the sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge Jose L. Linares.

Cuneo, 38, pleaded guilty Nov. 20 to a single count of engaging in sex tourism. The charge carries up to 30 years in prison and a $250,000 (euro176,479) fine.

Cuneo, who operated a Web site called, admitted that he arranged a trip to the Philippines for a customer and offered to serve as a personal tour guide. Cuneo, who was to be paid for making hotel reservations and renting a yacht, also admitted giving advice on how to find girls who could be hired for sex.

Cuneo, who did not know that the customer was an undercover agent with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was arrested at a hotel near Newark Liberty International Airport on July 19, 2005, as he was about to fly to the Philippines.

He has been held on $1 million (euro710,000) bail since his arrest.


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The little one cries out but no one listens.

The Cornwall Public Inquiry on child sexual abuse

Leroux appears calm on tape; Demeanour does nothing to bolster inquiry claims

Cornwall Standard Freeholder Saturday, June 30, 2007 - 08:00
Terri Saunders

Local News - Ron Leroux sits at the end of a table covered with photographs of priests, police officers, lawyers and businessmen and casually points out those he says sexually abused children.

In giving a videotaped statement to former city cop Perry Dunlop in December 1996, Leroux appears relaxed, calm and confident in the authenticity of the allegations he's making against men he has claimed this week he never actually saw committing improper acts with minors.

Leroux's demeanour does nothing to bolster claims he's made at the Cornwall Public Inquiry he was manipulated by Dunlop and coerced by the former cop into making false statements ranging from having witnessed a bizarre sexual ritual carried out by a number of men involving young boys to having observed many of the same men in attendance at a meeting.

That meeting has long been purported to have been called by the group of men in an effort to address how they were going to cover up allegations of abuse leveled against them and protect one another's interests.

Leroux admitted this week he had no knowledge of this meeting having taken place, although he did maintain he's seen many of the men in various locations in the past.

On the tape, Dunlop is not seen but his voice can be heard asking Leroux to read a written statement he had provided to the cop earlier and then Dunlop begins asking Leroux a series of questions. Leroux does appear to become emotional at times, particularly when he's reading the written statement, but for the most part appears to be in full control of the things he's saying.

Since he first began testifying Tuesday, Leroux has repeatedly admitted many of the allegations contained in a variety of statements he gave to both Dunlop and OPP officers were false.

Leroux claims his testimony at the inquiry is his chance to "set the record straight," and that he wants to take the blame "for some of this mess."

The inquiry has now adjourned for a summer break and will resume Aug. 13.

Just prior to the start of Friday's hearing, Comm. Normand Glaude spoke about the work that's been accomplished since the inquiry began in February 2006 as well as how things will play out over the coming year.

"I will remind everyone to remember that evidence at an inquiry is provided over a long time," Glaude said. "The full picture is not in place until all evidence is concluded."

Glaude asked everyone involved with the inquiry, as well as members of the community, to not jump to any conclusion about anything they've heard so far until all is said and done.

"It is essential to maintain an open mind until all evidence is received," he said. "As I have said in the past, it is important to be receptive to the full evidentiary record, in all its complexity and consisting of the full range of perspectives."

Accused should come forward and testify at inquiry: Guzzo

Cornwall Standard Freeholder

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 - 08:00

Terri Saunders

Local News - Long before Niagara MPP Peter Kormos stood in the legislature and demanded Premier Dalton McGuinty look into historical abuse of children in Cornwall, and years before local MPP Jim Brownell said he wished he'd been the one to ask that question, a former judge turned politician began calling on the province to pull this community out from under a cloud of rumour and innuendo.

In the fall of 1998, then-Ottawa-Rideau MPP Garry Guzzo wrote a letter to then-Premier Mike Harris asking his Tory government to examine the work being done by a group of Ontario Provincial Police officers as part of an investigation called Project Truth.

The team's mandate was to investigate allegations of historical child sexual abuse leveled at a group of Catholic priests by a number of complainants.

It wasn't the first time Guzzo had asked Harris to look into the "situation" in Cornwall, but it was the first time the public found out about his pleas.

Guzzo said he was concerned about how the investigation was being conducted and worried the police weren't getting all the facts.

Guzzo said, at the time, he was particularly disturbed by reports many of the individuals who had provided statements regarding alleged abuse to the offices of the Attorney General and the Solicitor General. "I'm still convinced we're not hearing the whole story," Guzzo said in an interview with the Standard-Freeholder late last week.

"The truth is out there, but if a number of people aren't called to testify (at the Cornwall Public Inquiry) we may not get the whole story."

Guzzo has been following the inquiry since it began in February 2006.

After nearly a decade of publicly calling on the province and a number of police forces to investigate claims of systemic child abuse allegedly perpetrated by a group of prominent area men, the former attorney and judge says the inquiry has to do one thing if the community is ever to get to the bottom of the scandal.

"Those people who have been accused have to be called as witnesses," said Guzzo.

"In my opinion, if you're accused of something and you don't come forward to declare your innocence, you may be admitting what's being said is the truth."

In late June, a witness at the inquiry admitted he'd made up aspects of statements he's made in the past about prominent men alleged to have gathered together to collectively abuse children and cover each other's tracks as well as the nature of the abuse that was alleged to have occurred.

Guzzo said if it turns out some of the rumours which have floated around the community for decades aren't true, the inquiry will have served an important purpose. "All we said from the start is we wanted to get to the truth," he said.

"If this all has been a fraud, it will be helpful to get that out."

Some times Evils stick together to plan.

Is there a Cover-up in Cornwall?

The question we now know the Cornwall Public Inquiry will not ask

[Scroll down for cover-up-media-related articles] Is there a cover-up in Cornwall? Was there a cover-up in Cornwall?

'Officially' the answer to both questions is a resounding “no.” But the truth of the matter is that there definitely was a cover-up. What else do you call it when officials of the Alexandria-Cornwall diocese and other prominent Roman Catholics hush an “alleged” victim of clerical sexual abuse with $32,000 - and then top off the hushing (allegedly quite legal) with a definitively illegal gag order; a gag order which specifically prohibits the pursuit of criminal charges?

I don't believe anyone would see that as the essence of transparency. It certainly is not an exercise undertaken with the idea of protecting children from an alleged paedophile priest. Neither is it designed to ensure that - at the very least - Roman Catholic parents know they shouldn’t leave their children alone in the company of this man – even if he is a priest.

To the contrary. The object of the exercise is to keep the sex abuse allegations against the priest under wraps - forever.

It’s a cover-up. By any standards, no matter how low, it’s a cover-up of allegations of sexual abuse. It's that simple.

We don't need to delve into what the police did or did not do with the victim’s statement, and whether they did or did not investigate and question the priest, and whether all the lawyers and diocesan officials involved did or did not see the illegal document which was somehow mysteriously filed sight unseen in a sealed envelope in a diocesan filing cabinet, and on and on and on.

We don't need to go there to say there really was a cover-up. “They” can deny it all they want, but, at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding - and, yes, in that instance, there was a cover-up.

Ditto the case of child molester Father Gilles Deslaurier whom Bishop Eugene Larocque quietly shuttled over to the diocese of Gatineau-Hull in Quebec where Deslaurier's close friend, Adolphe Proulx, the previous Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall, was in charge.

And then there's the scenario of the 27 files - Bishop Eugene Larocque's included - which have been sitting in the office of the Atttorney General for years waiting for someone to concur with Project Truth officers that there is sufficient evidence of sexual abuse to lay charges. Since then Larocque has been sued by men who allege they were sexually abused by Larocque, but to date no criminal charges have been laid against Larocque or any of the other suspects.

So the question is not: was there a cover-up? In light of all that has transpired in the name of truth and justice in Cornwall for the past twenty years years plus, the questions – plural – are: (1) how pervasive was/is the cover-up of sexual abuse? ( 2) who orchestrated it? (3) how many members of the alleged paedophile ring were/are involved in the cover-up? (4) what legal recourse is there for victims and society - particularly children - if it is proven that a pack of paedophiles eluded justice because of a cover-up? (5) what are the sanctions for lawyers, judges, politicians, clergy and/or law enforcement officials who were/are party to a cover-up? and, of course (6) why did Bishops Eugene Larocque and Adolphe Proulx subject the unwitting and trusting Catholic faithful and their children in the diocese of Gatineau-Hull Quebec to a known paedophile, Father Gilles Deslaurier?

And in light of the McGuinty government's choice of commissioner and wording of the mandate for the Cornwall inquiry, we should add three more questions to the list: (7) who drafted the mandate and selected the judge? (8) who was complicit in ensuring the mandate would exclude the diocese and avoid inquiry into allegations of a paedophile ring, an "oversight" which subsequently prompted Justice Glaude to set a dangerous legal precedent for all religious bodies with his ruling that the Roman Catholic diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall is a "public institution"?

Will the Cornwall Public Inquiry ask the questions which must be asked? Unfortunately with its flawed mandate and what we have seen if the Cornwall Public Inquiry to date the answer is a resounding No!!

The Holy Cross bearing ones hide behind the cloth of purity

Priest begins serving sentence

Cornwall Standard Freeholder
Kevin Lajoie

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 - 10:00

Local News - A former Catholic priest who served in the Alexandria-Cornwall diocese until 1969 has started serving a one-year jail sentence after being found guilty of indecent assault and gross indecency two years ago.

Rev. Paul Lapierre, 77, was found guilty by a Quebec judge in June 2004 for indecently assaulting a 13-year-old male at a residence in Montreal in 1965.

Lapierre was sentenced to one year of incarceration in October 2004 and an appeal of the sentence by the priest's lawyers was rejected by the Quebec Court of Appeals last month, leading to Lapierre's incarceration.

Following the sentencing, Alexandria-Cornwall Bishop Paul-Andr‚ Durocher revoked Lapierre's diocesan faculties for ministry, including any faculty to preach or hear confessions.

Ironically, an Ontario judge found Lapierre not guilty in September 2001 of sex charges involving the same complainant as in the

Quebec charges. The charges in Quebec arose from the OPP Project Truth investigation, which was created in 1998 to investigate allegations prominent people in the Cornwall area sexually assaulted young people.

The news of Lapierre's failed appeal and incarceration was made public through a press release issued by the diocese.

Durocher said the decision to issue a press release on the matter is in line with his goal of maintaining transparency as much as possible.

"It's the first time one of our priests goes to jail," he said.
ID- 234931

Father Charles MacDonald

Cornwall's open sore left to weep
Scandal's lack of closure won't help accused, accusers or town

Ottawa Sun

19 May 2002

By Kathleen Harris

CORNWALL -- For those packed inside the small courtroom, the decision was as predictable as it was appalling. Last Monday, a judge ruled that a Roman Catholic priest accused of sexually abusing several boys would not have to stand trial. Not because the weight of evidence was not there to proceed, but because a bizarre set of circumstances had entangled, tripped up and delayed his case.

Ultimately, it was the passage of too much time that allowed Father Charles MacDonald to leave the court a free man.

That evening, the retiring Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall, Eugene Larocque, spoke with the former priest by telephone.

"He's relieved that at last the whole thing is over. That he can breathe a little easier," he said of their conversation.

But Larocque admits the court ruling left the entire community -- including himself -- uncomfortably in doubt.

He has heard pleas of innocence from the former St. Columban's parish priest. But he has also seen the raw emotions of complainants and their supporters -- broadcast that night on the television news.

"They are absolutely convinced that Father Charles is guilty and that he is being let off. I don't have that conviction. I just don't know."

Some say this lingering doubt will continue to block Cornwall's healing process.

The sex abuse scandal, made more shocking because priests and other leading citizens figure so prominently in it, has left the community polarized. It has left lives of alleged victims in tatters and religious faith rattled.

"It means we don't move on," said Paul Scott, spokesman for a lobby group called Citizens for Renewal. "It's impossible for the community to find any normalcy now."

His coalition has already sent 12,000 signatures to Queen's Park demanding a public inquiry into widespread sexual abuse allegations. The petition's numbers represent half the city's households and about one-quarter of the local population.

But while MPPs from across Ontario have supported the call for an inquiry, civic leaders have remained stubbornly quiet on the issue.

"Not one local leader has spoken out on it," Scott said. "It's a real problem. They're all either wearing rose-coloured glasses or blinders. Meanwhile, the masses here on the street are carrying tremendous anger and frustration."

Disturbing allegations of rampant child molestation in Cornwall date back several decades, but they didn't begin to surface until 1992.

That's when a former altar boy who claimed he was abused by MacDonald in the 1970s went to the church seeking an apology.

When it didn't come, he went to police.

In the fall of 1993, the complainant was silenced. He accepted a $32,000 payment from the diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall and made a promise to withdraw his police complaint.

This illegal settlement -- and a police officer named Perry Dunlop who exposed it -- ultimately led to a flurry of sexual abuse allegations. They stretched back several decades and pointed fingers at some of the city's most high-profile citizens.

But ensuing investigations could not find enough evidence to arrest MacDonald, who didn't face charges until March 1996. It was the first of three sets of charges, eventually totalling 19, and his case became a key one in the Project Truth OPP investigation launched in 1997.

To this day, Bishop Larocque maintains he was not aware of the now infamous clause that required the complainant to drop criminal proceedings to collect the $32,000.


"I was the most astonished person in the world when I saw that," he said. "I never agreed to that. It is both morally and legally reprehensible. In my view, to say it was cover-up money is completely false."

Malcolm MacDonald, the Church lawyer who drew up the agreement, was eventually convicted of obstruction of justice. He was among those later charged with child sexual abuse, but died in Florida from a heart attack before facing trial.

Larocque himself has been publicly identified as a member of the local "pedophile clan" -- an accusation he flatly denies.

"I know I have been falsely accused. I was accused with all the gory details of something I did in 1961. In 1961, I hadn't even set foot in the diocese," he said.

Separating fact from fiction has proven difficult in the Cornwall case; accusations have been hurled in civil suits and counter-suits, in criminal charges and in rumours on the street.

But the undeniable fact that MacDonald was not charged until 1996 is one that Ottawa West-Nepean MPP Garry Guzzo finds confounding. The way he sees it, only sheer "incompetence" or a cover-up could explain why charges weren't laid earlier against MacDonald or other notables who were eventually named by Project Truth investigators.

A lawyer and former provincial judge, Guzzo is concerned that OPP charges came only after being presented with evidence gathered by private citizens.


"It was never intended that anyone would be charged. It was never intended that anyone would be prosecuted or convicted," he said. "They had to do it because of pressure from the citizens' group. If that's not abundantly clear to every clear-thinking citizen right now, then I'm shell-shocked."

Guzzo's exasperation grew this week after charges were stayed against Father MacDonald due to unreasonable delay. He claims he was repeatedly assured by the provincial attorney general's office that delays were primarily due to the defence and that the MacDonald case was not in jeopardy.

"The clock was ticking. The judge didn't really have an option but to stay the charges, given the length of time that had passed. The real question is, why?"

Committed to his fight for a public inquiry, Guzzo blames former premier Mike Harris for blocking it in the past. He hopes his private member's bill will now find an ally in Premier Ernie Eves.

"Cornwall's a long way from Toronto. Those victims are faceless up here and it doesn't seem to resonate with some people, to be blunt. It's unfortunate," he said.

Sylvia MacEachern, who has been closely following all the Project Truth cases, was disturbed but not surprised by this week's outcome. As editor of a Catholic publication, her cynicism escalated to outrage over what she sees as the rights of an accused prevailing over the rights of victims of childhood sexual abuse.

"I think if the judge had any interest in the community he would have put them first," she said. "This closes the circle and takes the community back to Day 1. It's as though nothing happened. You've got 10 years that simply didn't exist."

MacEachern believes the cumulative effect of the MacDonald case -- and all the other Project Truth cases where accused men have died, committed suicide, been acquitted or had charges stayed -- will be to silence other victims in the future.

"Why would anyone endure 10 years of hell? That's the message that was sent. And who would want to be a Perry Dunlop and speak out for what's right?"

Many people see Dunlop, a former constable with the Cornwall police, as a national hero.


During MacDonald's pre-trial, Dunlop was depicted as a self-serving egomaniac who jeopardized criminal cases by recklessly violating orders from his superiors. His behaviour, along with a change in Crown prosecutors, a conflict in trial schedules and ongoing investigations, were all cited as contributors to the six-year delay in charges reaching trial.

Dunlop, who was charged with misconduct under the Police Services Act but later cleared, maintains he could trust no one, and that his only goals were to uncover the truth and protect children by putting criminals behind bars.

In 1997, Dunlop presented volumes of material containing explosive allegations, and the OPP probe launched that same year led to 115 charges.

While no evidence of a pedophile "ring" or "clan" has ever emerged, many of those charged under Project Truth were clergy or had some connection to the Catholic church.

MacEachern says the scandal and the justice system's failure to deal with it has shaken spirituality, broken trust and torn apart the religious community. Many people now refuse to set foot in a church, she said.

Larocque's successor Paul-Andre Durocher, who will be installed as Alexandria-Cornwall's new bishop on June 17, says he will arrive with little knowledge about Cornwall's raging controversy.

"I have basic ignorance. I heard some news stories recently, but I'm going in there to discover the people and the community," he said in a telephone interview from Sudbury. "I don't know a lot about the area or the history. It's all new to me."

While he will not bring any preconceived ideas to Cornwall, he will sit down and speak with anyone who is concerned about past allegations. If necessary, Durocher said he will develop a strategy for healing and moving ahead.

For the alleged victims who didn't have the opportunity to tell their stories in a public courtroom, moving on may be difficult.

And the man they have accused of sexual abuse -- who pleaded not guilty to all charges -- will have no chance to clear his name.


After charges were stayed, MacDonald's defence lawyer Michael Neville said he'd been confident about the case and was prepared to defend his client on every charge.

Nestled along the St. Lawrence River, conveniently near Hwy. 401, Cornwall has been working to sell itself as a great community in which to live and do business. But the city's name has been persistently linked to stories of pedophilia -- a tarnished image that Cornwall Coun. Denis Carr is eager to shed.

"It has given Cornwall a bad reputation that is undeserved," he said. "There is no evidence of a pedophile ring, despite all the headlines. This is a great community, with great people."

When all criminal proceedings have finished in the courts, that will be the time to consider a potential public inquiry; until then, he says he won't push.

"It has focused people for the wrong reasons," Carr said. "We're talking about things that allegedly happened 30 years ago. I live here today."


The outcomes of the four-year Project Truth investigation. OPP charged 15 people for sex crimes dating back more than 35 years:

Charges stayed: Rev. Charles MacDonald; Jacques Leduc, diocese lawyer (appeal hearing scheduled for this fall)

Facing Trial: Bernard Sauve (businessman)

Acquitted: Harvey Latour; George "Sandy" Lawrence, church organist and store owner; Rev. Paul Lapierre (under appeal); Rev. Kenneth Martin

Guilty: Jean-Luc Leblanc, school bus driver

Charges withdrawn: Rev. Romeo Major, Keith Jodoin, former Cornwall justice of the peace and former director of the United Way

Charges dismissed due to health: Leonel Carriere, religious brother

Deceased: Brian Dufour, former probation and parole counsellor, Roch Landry, retired butcher, Malcolm MacDonald, former lawyer and Crown attorney, Arthur Peachy, former doctor and coroner

Father Paul Lapierre

Judge delays verdict in priest case

Friday, November 02, 2001
Canoe News

By BRIAN DALY-- Canadian Press

MONTREAL (CP) -- A judge agreed to delay his verdict Friday in the sexual-assault trial of a Roman Catholic priest accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy in the 1960s.

Quebec court Judge Gilles Garneau put aside his expected ruling to hear further defence arguments Dec. 11 in the case against Rev. Paul Lapierre, 73, of Montreal.

Lapierre faces one count of indecent assault and one of gross indecency.

The complainant, now a lawyer in his 40s, testified that he was forced into fellatio with Lapierre and another priest, Rene Dube of Cornwall, Ont., on a visit to Montreal in 1965.

But defence lawyer Julio Peris argued that the acquittal on Wednesday of Dube, a co-defendant in the trial, casts doubt on the alleged victim's story.

He added that two days was not enough time for him to consider the effect of Dube's acquittal on the case against Lapierre.

Garneau granted Peris five weeks to draft his arguments, prompting the grim-faced plaintiff to storm out of the courtroom.

"I've never seen anything like this in my 18 years as a lawyer," said the middle-aged man, adding that he's gone through "a life in waiting" during the four-year police investigation and subsequent trial.

The alleged victim has been at the centre of two recent Ontario Provincial Police investigations into the alleged abuse of children in Cornwall.

The operation, called Project Truth, concerned allegations that public leaders in the eastern Ontario city, including clergy and school employees, abused children as far back as the 1960s.

Police brought 115 criminal charges against 15 individuals but most of the charges were dropped.

Ontario Provincial Police concluded in August that there was no evidence a pedophile ring ever existed in Cornwall.

Project Truth was the fourth investigation into alleged ritualistic sex abuse in the Cornwall area. Three previous investigations -- two by Cornwall police in 1993 and a followup by the OPP in 1994 -- failed to result in any charges.

[ note: Father Lapierre faced sex abuse charges in both the province of Quebec and Cornwall, Ontario following allegations by the same victim. In Quebec Lapierre was eventually found guilty. In Cornwall he was acquitted]

Father Paul Lapierre

Insufficient proof: A Catholic priest is acquitted of sex charges after accusing other priests of pedophilia

The Report, October 8, 2001

by Terry O'Neill

Ontario's anti-pedophile police task force, Project Truth, wrapped up in late August with word that, while its work had led to the laying of 115 criminal charges against 15 individuals, investigators had found no evidence that an organized ring of men, including Catholic priests, had molested boys from the 1950s to the '90s. However, just two weeks later, one of the accused men took the witness stand in his own defence and told a stunned courtroom that, while he himself was innocent of the three counts of indecent assault and two counts of gross indecency laid against him, a ring of sorts did exist in the Cornwall area and that Catholic authorities knew about it.

Days later, Superior Court Justice Jean-Paul Lalonde acquitted the man, retired priest Father Paul Lapierre, on the grounds of reasonable doubt. The verdict shocked the alleged victim (who, by court order, cannot be identified). It also left a burning question in the minds of the many politicians, peace officers and citizens who have long sought justice in the case: if the court saw fit to believe Fr. Lapierre's testimony about his innocence, then should not his disclosure about the conspiracy be considered truthful as well? Ontario MPP Gary Guzzo, a retired judge, thinks so and is renewing his call for an official inquiry into the handling of the case.

The story began in 1992 when a man told police that he had been sexually assaulted by a Cornwall priest during the 1970s. The church then gave the complainant $32,000 to drop his allegations. The next month, then constable Perry Dunlop came across the complaint and gave it to child-welfare workers. The $32,000 deal became public, and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) launched a new investigation. In 1994, however, officers said there were no grounds to lay criminal charges.

The investigation was reopened in 1995. Also that year, lawyer Malcolm MacDonald, who had assisted the church in making the $32,000 deal, pleaded guilty to obstructing justice. In 1996, police charged the accused priest, Fr. Charles MacDonald, with seven counts of indecent assault on three former altar boys.

That was not the end of it. In 1997, Mr. Dunlop gave the OPP two volumes of victims' statements he had collected on his own. The documents alleged the existence of a pedophile "clan" in the Cornwall area. Shortly thereafter, the force announced the formation of Project Truth.

Prosecutors have been able to secure one conviction based on the task force's work: Jean-Luc Leblanc of Newington, Ont., pleaded guilty to 18 charges of sexual assault. Four of the men charged under Project Truth have died of natural causes and two have committed suicide. Among those charged, lawyer MacDonald died in 1999; Dr. Art Peachey died the same year; Roch Landry and Brian Bernard Dufour died in 2000; charges were dropped against former justice of the peace Keith Jodin last year; Lionel Carriere was found unfit to stand trial last year; Harvey Latour was found not guilty; and a judge entered a stay of proceedings against Jacques Leduc after the Crown failed to inform defence attorneys of a meeting between Mr. Dunlop and one of the witnesses. A trial involving Fr. Kenneth Martin, 71, began September 17; five other cases, including Fr. MacDonald's, have yet to be heard.

Fr. Lapierre's often-contradictory testimony did not touch on the conduct of any of those charged, but was, nevertheless, scandalous. As reported in the Ottawa Citizen, Fr. Lapierre said he knew his accuser had been abused because other priests told him of indecent acts against several boys. As well, Fr. Donald Scott told Fr. Lapierre that another priest, Fr. Hollis Lapierre (no relation), "kept pictures of naked boys with himself," said Fr. Paul. He testified further that after Fr. Hollis died in 1975, Fr. Scott "had been asked to destroy those pictures" and other evidence. Fr. Scott died of AIDS in 1989. Fr. Lapierre also testified Dr. Peachey was involved in the molestation of boys.

When asked why he had not reported the offences to police, Fr. Lapierre, who is the brother of Senator Laurier LaPierre, said he had discussed them with his bishop, but the matter went no further. "It's're dealing with moral things, ethical things." He denied he kept the abuse secret because he himself was involved.

Among those worried by the outcome of the Leduc and Lapierre cases is Dick Nadeau, a Cornwall resident who was recently found in contempt of court and fined $1,000 for maintaining a Web site containing many unproved sex allegations against a large number of Cornwall-area men. "I get so angry," he says. "I don't know what it takes to get a conviction. I'm in a state of shock."

Court watcher Sylvia MacEachern, editor of the Catholic publication The Orator, blames the verdicts on "a combination of cover-up and massive incompetence at all levels." She notes that Mr. Justice Lalonde told Fr. Lapierre's alleged victim that he believed the abuse had taken place, but with whom and by whom could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Whistler-blower Dunlop, who now lives in B.C., remains convinced something evil was at work in Cornwall. However, he says, "these victims are coming forward and bearing their souls to the best of their ability, and they are being re-victimized by the court system...My feeling is that they are not going to get a conviction in these [remaining] cases."

If that is true, the victims may have to look to the civil courts. There, the standard of proof is lower: only "a balance of probabilities" must be proved. Several alleged victims have already filed suit, and the first case may begin as early as next year.

Tim Bates, a Toronto lawyer, points out that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that, in cases of sexual assault involving breach of fiduciary duty, there is no statute of limitations. Says the lawyer, "It's totally open."

Copyright 2001 The Report

Some are freed to plan again

Inaction keeps sexual misconduct in schools

Patchwork laws, lack of intervention allow abusers to continue teaching
William Berard leads a seminar about sexual predators and harassment for administrators at Chancellor Livingston Elementary School in Rhinebeck, N.Y., on July 30. The seminar was part of a court-ordered year-long training project for faculty, teachers and students in the Rhinebeck school system.
Major findings in the AP's investigation of educator sexual misconduct
A guide for parents: Signs to consider if worried about teacher sexual misconduct

Updated: 8:12 p.m. ET Oct 22, 2007
Every school has rules governing teacher behavior. Every state has laws against child abuse, and many specifically outlaw teachers’ taking sexual liberties with students. Every district has administrators who watch out for sexual misconduct by teachers.

Yet people like Chad Maughan stay in the classroom.

Maughan got in trouble twice for viewing pornography at schools in Washington state but was allowed to keep teaching. Within two years, he was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl in his school.

Legal loopholes, fear of lawsuits and inattention all have weakened the safeguards that are supposed to protect children in school. The system fails hundreds of kids each year, an AP investigation found. It undoubtedly fails many more whose offenders go free.

State efforts to strengthen laws against sex abuse by teachers have run into opposition from school boards and teachers unions. In Congress, a measure that would train investigators and create a national registry of offenders hasn’t even gotten a hearing. Few leaders recognize — let alone attack — a national shame.

“Instead of ignoring it or fighting it, why don’t you get ahead of it?” says Ted Thompson, executive director of the National Association to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children.

Patchwork laws to protect kids
An Associated Press investigation identified 2,570 cases from 2001 to 2005 in which teachers were punished or removed from the classroom for sexual misconduct. The allegations ranged from fondling to rape. Reporters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia gathered the cases from state agencies with responsibility for teacher licensing.

Even accounting for population differences, states vary widely on how many teachers they discipline and how rigorously, the investigation showed. That reflects the patchwork nature of the laws and rules that aim to protect schoolchildren. Each state takes its own approach to background checks, fingerprinting and reporting abuse.

While states have taken halting steps toward accountability in recent years after decades of widespread neglect, there are still many gaps.

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AP: Sexual misconduct plagues U.S. schools
Loopholes keep teacher misconduct secret
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Some states check fingerprints against records only in their own states, not the FBI databases, so they miss offenders from other states. Others check for violations only when teachers are newly hired, missing veteran teachers who have run afoul of the law since they were first hired.

“You can fingerprint them all you want, and nothing’s going to come up,” says John Seryak, a longtime Ohio middle school teacher who now trains teachers to spot when a colleague is abusing kids.

School systems also have made an attempt at weeding out wrongdoers. For the past 20 years, educators have shared information with other states about teachers who’ve run into administrative trouble.

A flawed list
The National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification created the list, and Roy Einreinhofer, its executive director, says protecting children is one of the group’s top goals.

But the list has its flaws.

It only provides identifying information such as names, birth dates and Social Security numbers, nothing describing a teacher’s past problems, leaving it up to a state agency or a hiring school district to dig deeper. Also, the list is not publicly available.

“There are some liability issues involved there,” Einreinhofer says. “It just serves as a flag saying you need to check this person further.”

Created in 1987, the list contains names of some 37,000 teachers who have had license problems, which includes all misbehavior, not just sexual.

Similar piecemeal efforts have often run into resistance, from lawmakers reluctant to tackle the subject, from teacher unions concerned with privacy and due process, and from school boards worried about court fights.

Loopholes keep teacher misconduct secret
States not required to share details of sex-related offenses
Stand and be counted

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Updated: 4:59 p.m. ET Oct 20, 2007
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - More than 300 California educators had their teaching licenses revoked or suspended because of sex-related offenses from 2001 through 2005.

But you can't tell that from the state's enforcement records — at least not those available to the public.

While some of the most egregious sex abuse is flagged, state law allows many offenses to remain confidential in education records, even when teachers go to prison and register as sex offenders.

The lack of information reflects a system for disciplining teachers that, across the country, is often shrouded in secrecy. That makes it difficult for states to share valuable information about errant teachers, and allows some to find other jobs in the classroom.

In California alone, The Associated Press reviewed more than 2,000 cases in which teachers there were punished for misconduct. Among them were hundreds of cases classified as "general misconduct."

Nature of misconduct hidden
The case of Tanda Rucker, a former college basketball star who taught and coached girls basketball at Encinal High School near Oakland, was one of those. After several teens each reported having a sexual relationship with Rucker, she pleaded no contest to 18 felony counts. She was sentenced to a year in jail and ordered to register as a sex offender.

Yet an official bulletin from California's Commission on Teacher Credentialing reported only that Rucker's teaching credential was revoked for misconduct under broad sections of state law that cover everything from theft to murder.

The AP's review found dozens of similar cases, often involving pleas of no contest, a common legal agreement that allows one to avoid a trial or civil liability, but still leads to conviction. California law also bars the credentialing commission from revealing the reason teachers who plead no contest lose their licenses.

It's a dangerous loophole, says Assemblyman Todd Spitzer, a Republican from Orange County.

"There is the possibility that one of these people could move to another jurisdiction, most likely another state, and you wouldn't be able to find out their history," says Spitzer, a former prosecutor and high school English teacher.

Few records shared between states
Here's how it can happen: California submits information on teachers who lose their licenses to a national database. But because of California's law, the state only provides limited details. So officials in another state may find out that someone they want to hire had a problem in California, but it's nearly impossible for them to learn more from education records.

In some cases, school officials have only a one-year window to access California disciplinary records.

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Sexual misconduct plagues U.S. schools, AP finds
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That came into play in 2002, after California granted a probationary license to Craig Kinder. He'd been forced out of a suburban St. Louis district amid accusations that he'd touched students inappropriately. Kinder was acquitted on criminal charges _ but California officials gave him a license only on the condition that he tell prospective employers about his past.

He didn't do that when he applied at California's Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

And by the time district officials figured out he'd lied, the state _ and the very California agency that required Kinder to disclose his history _ had sealed his disciplinary records.

‘Gross miscarriage of ... responsibility’
That made it tough to fire Kinder, says Lorri McCune, then the district's assistant superintendent of human resources.

"This to me was a gross miscarriage of their responsibility," McCune says. "We had basically no recourse, which really made me sick."

Kinder eventually voluntarily surrendered his California license in 2003, after the Newport-Mesa district spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to force him out.

His attorney did not respond to messages left by The Associated Press.

Mary Armstrong, the state credentialing commission's legal counsel, couldn't discuss the Kinder case, but says her agency seals some disciplinary records because state law requires it.

"It's a balance between the rights of a teacher who may be falsely accused," she says, "and the rights of the public."

Marcel Lalonde

Cornwall teacher sentenced for sex abuse
CBC.CA News - full story

Last Updated Fri, 04 May 2001 20:57:00 EDT
CBC News

CORNWALL, ONT. - A school teacher in Cornwall, Ont., has been sentenced to two years less a day for sexually assaulting four of his former students.

Marcel Lalonde's sentence will be made up of 15 months in jail and nine months of house arrest. The 51-year-old was given two-for-one credit because he has already served 5½ months in custody. That means he will only remain in prison for four more months.

Six of seven complainants who testified during last fall's trial were members of his home-room class during the period of abuse.

The case is important because of a connection to an ongoing police investigation into widespread sexual abuse.

Judge Monique Metivier described the case as "an egregious breach of trust." The judge said sexual assault, especially against vulnerable teenage boys, is a violent crime.

And with that, an unrepentant Lalonde was sent back to jail.

The Lalonde case is important for a couple of reasons. It is a confirmation that sexual abuse did in fact occur in the community over a period of years, and it reveals a connection to a police investigation, code-named Project Truth.

A number of Lalonde's victims are complainants in a case involving a key figure in Project Truth. So far, more than 20 men have been charged, some of them prominent citizens in Cornwall.

Copyright ©2006 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - All Rights Reserved

Father Charles MacDonald

Ottawa Sun

10 April 2000

CORNWALL, Ont. (CP) - Investigators looking into decades of abuse by prominent officials and clergy laid another 19 sex offences against four men Monday.

The charges were laid by provincial police heading Project Truth, an ongoing 32-month investigation that has already netted 114 charges.

Rev. Charles MacDonald, 67, of Glen Robertson near Cornwall, faces two counts of indecent assault on a male and two counts of gross indecency.

In May 1999, MacDonald was ordered to stand trial on eight sex charges involving young boys. That was in addition to six sex charges laid in January 1998 involving five complainants, and seven sex charges laid two years earlier involving three former altar boys for allegations dating back to the late '60s and early '70s.

Jean Luc LeBlanc, 55, of Newington, northwest of Cornwall, faces 10 sex offences, including one count of buggery, two counts of anal intercourse, two counts of sexual assault on a male and one count of procuring a person for illicit sexual intercourse.

LeBlanc, a convicted pedophile who drove a school bus for the Upper Canada District Board in 1998, was hit with 13 sex charges last July and was charged with 28 sex-related charges earlier in 1999.

Brian Bernard Dufour, 59, of Hamilton, was charged Monday with two counts of indecent assault on a male and two counts of gross indecency.

Det. Insp. Klancy Grasman said the charges stem from the late '60s when Dufour worked as a child-care worker in Cornwall.

Rev. Romeo Major, 62, of Cornwall, was charged with one count of indecent assault on a female.

Dufour, Major and MacDonald were scheduled to appear in Cornwall court April 17. Jean Luc LeBlanc will appear in court in Cornwall June 23.

Grasman said he expects Project Truth to conclude by the end of May.

(Copyright of Canadian Press)

Found in ice-fishing hut, man to face sex charges
The Gazette
Published: Saturday, January 07, 2006
Surete du Quebec officers have arrested a known pedophile from Ontario who is suspected of sexually assaulting two young boys.

The man, 42, was found last night inside an ice-fishing hut near a marina on Ile Perrot by a man who recognized his widely publicized photo.

The man called police.

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Font:****Samuel Kenneth Treacher offered no resistance during his arrest.

He is to be charged today with four counts of sexual touching, Montreal police Constable Robert Mansueto said.

Treacher is accused of assaulting two boys, age 10 and 11, near the corner of Place Decelles and Ellendale St. in the Cote des Neiges on Dec. 29.

The boys were approached by a man who offered them candy and fondled them several times as he wrestled with them in the snow and pretended to check their pant size for the new trousers he promised them, police said.

The boys grew uncomfortable and ran home to tell their parents, who called police.

Based on the boys' description, police identified Treacher, Mansueto said.

When they went to his Cote des Neiges home, he denied contact with the boys, but agreed to have his picture taken.

The boys picked the photo out of a lineup, but when police arrived at Treacher's home to arrest him, he wasn't there.

A warrant for his arrest was issued on Jan. 2. Police said they suspected he was heading back to Ontario.

Local police had been keeping periodic tabs on Treacher. He has no convictions in Quebec since Ontario police first told them he was seen in Montreal in 2002, Mansueto said.

Since then, Treacher has travelled between Quebec and Ontario several times, serving jail time in Ontario and reappearing in Montreal late last year. He is legally obliged to register as a sex offender on Tuesday.

Treacher could also face charges of breaching conditions placed on him by an Ontario court to keep away from parks, schools and other areas with children, and to avoid contact with anyone under 14 without an adult present, Mansueto said.
© The Gazette (Montreal)

So hear we sit Human Adult Race, not able to create a 100%safe place for our little ones from pedophiliac assaults

Do potential predators ever think they’ll get caught?Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 8:50 PM by Dateline Editor
Categories: To Catch A Predator, Chris Hansen
By Chris Hansen, Dateline Correspondent

The fireman
Tonight we’re back in Ocean County, N.J., for the second part of our "To Catch A Predator" investigation. Among the first men you’ll meet here is a guy who uses new ruse to convince a 14-year-old girl named Jane to let him come over to her family’s house and have sex. Jane is really a decoy from Perverted Justice.

In his online chat 42-year old Rick Burnham pretends to be a 21-year-old college student going by the screen name "uconnbluenwhite". Then he introduces "Jane" to his older friend "stevetakespix" who supposed to be a real cool guy who just happens to be interested in taking the virginity of a 14-year-old.

We think what he’s trying to do is not scare off the young teen by giving his real age in the beginning of the chat. As you watch Burnham walk into our hidden camera house, he’s just driven three hours from Connecticut. Watch as it appears he want to get right down to business. He chats with Casey, our decoy, for a bit and when she excuses herself to go to the next room, he’s right behind her. As I walk out to talk to him, we almost bump into each other.

That’s when I see something sticking out of his back pocket. When I ask him what it is, he says it’s his cell phone. I know it’s not a cell phone so I say: "No. The other back pocket." As you’re about to see, the item he pulls out leaves little doubt about his intent. Burnham, by the way, is retired fire department captain who says he’s now a freelance photographer.

Grooming technique
We’re about to see another man who makes himself comfortable on the beach of our multi-million dollar home on the ocean. James Marcott, 32, doesn’t seem one bit nervous as his sits down to talk to our decoy posing as a 13-year-old girl. Perhaps he has experience talking to teenagers.

In his on line chat he told the decoy that he had earlier met a 15-year-old girl online. Watch now as he tells Casey that not only did he met her, he also had sex with her. When I talk to Marcott, he changes his story, saying he never had sex with a 15-year-old. Why would someone say this online?

Experts tell us it’s a common grooming technique used by potential predators. Almost as if to say: "It’s ok. Other kids you age have already done this." But in this case it’s going to be another lead to be followed up on by detectives with the Ocean County Prosecutors Office.

Everyday guys
Once again, we see just how many of the guys who surface in our investigations look like everyday guys who don’t stand out of a crowd. If you live in Pennsylvania, you might have even purchased a car from one of our next visitors.

When we meet 39-year old Jeremy Keister he has a job selling luxury cars. Watch as Keister walks into our home. Something spooks him right away. He almost freezes. I think it may have been when Casey offered him some brownies that something clicked and he maybe realizes he’s just walked into a "To Catch A Predator" investigation. All doubt is removed when he admits he knows exactly who I am. He even says: "It’s nice to meet you."

Head first
You may have seen last week’s preview to tonight’s show, where we showed video of one of our visitors who went head first into the bar in the family room of our hidden camera house. People have been asking me about it all week. Tonight, you’ll see the whole story.

The man I’m talking about is 37-year-old Kazuo Akustso. When we meet him he’s a shirt-and-tie salesman at a major Manhattan department store. I have seen a lot during the three years we’ve been doing these investigations, but nothing quite like this. Kazuo walks in, chats with our decoy Casey, and then I walk out. What you don’t see on camera is that the color literally drains from his face.

I can’t be sure that he knew who I was or what he has just walked into, but he knows it’s not good. He goes down on his knees, gets back up and then apparently faints, crashing head-first into the bar. A medic comes in to check him out. Later police say he’s OK.

What were they thinking?
As we finish up in New Jersey, consider this: nearly half of the 28 men who surfaced in this investigation had seen one of our earlier investigations. What does that say to me? Some people have suggested that some of these guys want to get caught, perhaps maybe even want to be on our show. Possibly, but I still think most of these guys just really don’t think it could happen to them.

Click here for the script to "To Catch a Predator" New Jersey

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Despite probation, man still shows up at 'Predator' housePosted: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 10:55 AM by Dateline Editor
Categories: To Catch A Predator, Chris Hansen
By Chris Hansen, Dateline Correspondent

More often than not, when a potential predator shows up at one of our hidden camera houses he has no criminal history for sexual assault or soliciting a minor online for sex. But when a convicted sex offender does come over, we typically know in advance. That’s because most states have easily accessible databases where you can simply enter a name and other identifying information and if there’s a match you’ll know in seconds.

A lawman visits the ‘Predator’ house Posted: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 2:01 PM by Dateline Editor
Categories: Net Crime, To Catch A Predator, Investigations, Chris Hansen
by Chris Hansen, Dateline Correspondent

As our “To Catch a Predator” investigation in Flagler Beach, Florida continues, you’re going to see something we don’t experience very often. It’s hard to imagine, but we had an active duty member of law enforcement arrive at our hidden camera house after an extremely graphic online chat with a decoy posing as a 13-year-old girl for nearly a month.

We didn’t know it at the time but 41-year-old Todd Spikes was a police officer for the Florala, Alabama Police Department.

He drove more than 300 miles from his home in northern Florida to meet the girl he thought he was chatting with. For awhile we weren’t sure he was going to actually show up. He didn’t call or send an online message for hours. Then he called the decoy to say he was in town. We scrambled into position just in time to see Flagler Beach police arrest him. As if it’s not scary enough that a lawman would engage in this sort of behavior, wait until you see what police found in his car. There was an arsenal including an assault rifle that was loaded and chambered next to the driver’s seat of Spikes’ SUV.

Before the night was over we’d find out a lot more about Spikes and what he had stashed in his car and hidden in his pocket. Spikes has pleaded not guilty and his lawyer has suggested he had the weapons as part of his job. He’s been fired from the Florala P.D.

Despite probation, man still shows up at 'Predator' house Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 10:55 AM by Dateline Editor
Categories: To Catch A Predator, Chris Hansen
By Chris Hansen, Dateline Correspondent

More often than not, when a potential predator shows up at one of our hidden camera houses he has no criminal history for sexual assault or soliciting a minor online for sex. But when a convicted sex offender does come over, we typically know in advance. That’s because most states have easily accessible databases where you can simply enter a name and other identifying information and if there’s a match you’ll know in seconds.

Such is the case as we continue our “To Catch A Predator” investigation in Ocean County, New Jersey. Before 36-year-old Todd Lewis even knocks on our door, we suspect that he’s the same Todd Lewis who in 2003 pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. As you’ll see, it doesn’t appear that he’s learned his lesson in the four years since.

Court documents from the earlier case show that Lewis met his victim online. He admitted taking the girl to a wooded area, engaging in kissing and having her perform oral sex on him. Lewis served less than a year in prison for that case and was released on good behavior.

When you see him walk into our house in Ocean County, he’s still on probation. The earlier case is eerily similar to what we see Lewis do in our investigation. Again the intended victim is a 14-year-old girl. Again, Lewis wants the girl to perform oral sex on him and again he first meets his target on the Internet.

His chat with the decoy from the online watchdog group Perverted Justice goes on for the better part of five days. How intent was he on meeting our decoy? Wait until you see how long it took him to get here and how he traveled on an unseasonably cold night. It is one of many surprises as “To Catch A Predator” New Jersey continues.

'They have a future'
Sex trafficking: Anna’s story
Trafficked to Malaysia from her home in the Philippines in early 2007, ‘Anna’ had her virginity sold for $80.

Original report: Children for sale
2004: Dateline's Chris Hansen reports on the illegal sex industry that victimizes Cambodian children, and the efforts to stop it.

These are images of Donald Bakker's child victims. Canadian authorities wanted to prosecute Bakker for those overseas sex crimes, but they didn't know who the victims were or where the crimes took place -- until Bieg tuned in to our report on Cambodia. He couldn't believe his eyes when he began to look closely at the video.

Ron Bieg: We see rooms that look eerily similar to the rooms in Bakker's videotape.

Chris Hansen: Some of the children looked to be--

Ron Bieg: Similar.

Chris Hansen: Similar. That's a pretty good break.

Ron Bieg: It was a godsend.

Bieg explained to us how he compared images from our broadcast with Bakker's tapes.
Chris Hansen: So you were able to match, for instance, this piece of furniture here to a piece seen in the tape confiscated from Bakker.

Ron Bieg: Exactly.

And an even closer look at our tapes reveals other details that matched: this window, these posters on the wall...

Chris Hansen: It turns out that some of the girls seen on Bakker's video performing sex acts on him were seen being rescued in our story.

Ron Bieg: Yes. Four of them. That was the break that we needed.

Donald Bakker pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting seven girls in Cambodia and three adult prostitutes in Vancouver.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison.

And he was not the only individual to face justice after our original story.

Possibly because of all the attention, Cambodia has begun to crack down on foreign sex offenders.

Investigator: Hey, Terry.

Like Terry Smith.

Last year he was running a bar in a beachfront town in southern Cambodia.

Bob Mosier of the International Justice Mission said his group heard that Smith was selling young girls for sex and was allegedly also raping them himself.

Bob Mosier: He would show these children pornographic videos. And when, after watching the videos, he would have these children perform these sexual acts on him. As training.

Mosier sent in undercover investigators as customers.

Smith apparently told the girls to dance for the customers, first with their clothes on and then, shockingly, with their tops off.

The human rights group took the evidence to the Cambodian authorities.

This police officer arrested Smith and his girlfriend and says he found tapes Smith made of himself in several Asian countries.

Cambodian police official [translation]: I believe that he didn't violate only these girls here. I believe he violated many other girls.

It also turned out that Smith was a convicted sex offender in the United States and was wanted in Oregon.

The Cambodians agreed to turn him over to U.S. authorities.

Last October, U.S. Marshals escorted Terry Smith home to the U.S. to finally face those charges back in Oregon.

Last month, Smith was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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Daring rescue of human trafficking victim
Sex trafficked: Anna's story
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Since we first started reporting on this issue four years ago, the changes in Cambodia, in many ways prompted by human rights advocates like Gary Haugen, have been profound.

Gary Haugen: The difference is dramatic. And it should be a sign of hope for other countries that struggle with the problem of sex trafficking.

He's especially proud of what's happened with some of the girls his group has helped rescue.

Gary Haugen: Just a few weeks ago I was able to see for the first time some of those youngest girls that we rescued and they talked to me about how one wanted to become a lawyer. And one wanted to become a translator. And one wanted to go into computers. And this is a transformation that one can appreciate only if you've ever seen the undercover video of what was being done to these children inside these brothels. They have a future.

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